Life Coaching FAQs

Q: Why would someone want to receive coaching?
A: People approach Shannon for coaching because it accelerates their personal growth process. They come for a wide variety of reasons including life changes, struggling with an unfulfilling career, concerns about business, problems with self confidence, wanting the discipline to get in better shape or to lose weight, as well as relationship and family issues.

Q: Is coaching expensive?
A: Coaching is an investment in your happiness. When we consider the cost of our discontent, coaching becomes a necessity, not a luxury. Coaching fees vary and coaching packages can be structured to suit individual budget constraints.

Q: What are the fees?
A: Coaching fees range from $300 to $1000 per month, depending on the number and length of sessions and the level of support available between sessions. The average fee is $500 per month.

Q: Can you tell me more about this service?
A: Life coaching is becoming one of the most effective tools that successful people use to stimulate change and lead extraordinary lives. If you want a dynamic, fulfilled, balanced life, investing in yourself through coaching may be the most important action you have ever taken.

Q: What can I expect from Life Coaching?
A: Coaching is an effective, personalized relationship to support you to take action toward your personal and professional desires and goals. You will receive enthusiastic and sincere support regarding what's working, and help to identify and resolve roadblocks through the use of powerful requests and accountability. Issues include relationships, career, finances, health and spiritual connection.

Understand that coaching is not therapy. It is an action-oriented process where the coach and the client meet regularly, with the coach s aim being to support the client in any possible way.

Coaching begins with an intensive 2 hour session. The ongoing support of coaching takes place over the phone during 1/2 hour sessions on a weekly basis.

Q: What are the benefits of getting Life Coaching?
A: People who apply themselves to coaching have:
" more focus
" more time
" more money
" greater fulfillment

They learn to heighten their awareness of internal and self-imposed obstacles and to cultivate an ability to respond to events and circumstances out of choice. They receive support and acknowledgment. Their lives are more balanced and congruent with their values.

Q: How does coaching work?
A: Coaching is conducted on a weekly basis, either in-person or by telephone. We work together to schedule regular appointments to suit your timetable. You choose what you want to work on each week and you decide how much or how little work you do in between sessions.

Q: How do I choose a life coach?
A: Until you have worked with a coach, you won t know whether you suit each other. The coaching relationship is unique and it is important that you and your coach connect . The best way to find out if we are well suited to work together, is to schedule a free 30 minute introductory session.

Q: How long do people generally continue with coaching?
A: Most people find three months is the minimum term. Some clients will then continue for a year or longer. It is an individual choice and each client will differ.

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