Life Coaching
As a Life Coach, Shannon is focused on helping individuals identify their vision and goals, to create an action plan, and then put that plan into action. He works with people who are seeking focus, strategies and motivation in their personal and spiritual growth, careers and relationships.

Coaching can help you achieve your goals much faster than going it alone, producing real and tangible results. People who receive coaching often go much further towards their vision than they ever would have on their own.

Ask yourself these questions:
" Do you ever feel lost, would you like to find a clearer vision for your life?
" Would you welcome help and motivation to reach your goals?
" Do you want more from your life?
" Would you like to have more meaningful relationships?
" Do you want to have more fun, to feel more joy?
" Do you ever feel isolated and without support?
" Would you like a healthier balance between your life and your work?
" Do you want a more fulfilling career?
" Would you like for your business to be more successful?
" Would you like to live more fully to your potential?

If you answered yes to any of these, then contact Shannon and he can help you to greatly improve your experience of life by discovering the obstacles that hold you back and helping you to move beyond them to recognize and achieve your greater potential.

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Shannon has a long and rich history of setting and achieving his personal, business and financial goals and he can help you to do the same. He built a consulting company from the ground up and was able to retire five years later, financially independent, at the age of 29. He then shifted his focus to helping others to live up to their own vision and potential and wrote the international word-of-mouth phenomenon: Present Moment Awareness, A Step by Step Guide to Living in the Now. He also developed an ever expanding line of personal growth products including the Focus Tool, The PMA (Present Moment Awareness) System and the Audio Serenity Line of CDs.

Let Shannon put his thoughtful creative vision, and his ability to set and achieve goals, to work for you.

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