Focus Tools
...a gentle reminder to keep working towards your personal growth goals.

It is easy to think about setting goals for changing old habits or for personal growth when things are calm and quiet. It is considerably more challenging for most of us to maintain focus on those goals throughout the stresses of everyday life. Focus Tools are incredibly effective because they randomly remind you throughout your day to keep working towards your goals when you need to remember them the most.
We offer a variety of Focus Tool options to suit your individual needs:

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The Original Focus Tool
The Focus Tool can be worn on your belt or carried in your pocket or purse. It offers a choice of audible or silent vibration alerts. Click to learn more.

$25.00 - Qty.

Palm based Focus Tool
A software based Focus Tool to run on your Palm device! Click to learn more.


Pocket PC Focus Tool
A software based Focus Tool to run on your Windows Mobile device! Click here to learn more.


Focus Tool Text Messaging
A web based Focus Tool to send alerts to your text capable phone or pager!

Coming November 2005!

Click here to be notified when it is available.