Text Messaging Focus Tool

Have personal growth reminder messages, that you create, sent to your cell phone or pager!

This Text Message version of our Focus Tool supports and strengthens your personal growth efforts by sending you periodic reminders of your goals throughout the ups and downs of daily life - when you need to remember them the most.

Setting up a Focus Tool account is quick, easy and free! Just click here to register and get started!
Note: Make sure you understand what, if anything, your cellular carrier charges you to receive text messages!

The Focus Tool is easily configured, with it you can:

  • Set the time of day to turn on and off automatically
    i.e. on at 8:00 am and off at 9:00 pm

  • Set the minimum and maximum time between alerts
    i.e. not sooner than 45 min apart and not more than 2 hours apart

  • Define your own custom messages to be alerted with
    "Relax!" "Remember your posture!" "See the good in others"

  • Remotely enable or disable it from your cell phone or pager!