Audio Serenity Testimonials


I have been using the binaural soundtracks for about three months, and they have been really great for me. The first benefit I noticed was the wonderful relaxation and enhanced ability to focus my thoughts and my meditation practice. I also began noticing that I spend far less time engaged in worry - nonproductive and counterproductive worry. I feel that the soundtracks have helped me improve my communication skills in that I am less hesitant and more able to speak out and express myself directly. Also, even when under stress, I sleep well. I am experiencing much greater serenity and sense of well-being. These tapes are transformative! I am grateful to have discovered them.

V.G. Baghn, California

Dear Shannon,

I just listened to your Audio Serenity CD "Ponderings". What a help! I am an attorney and sometimes my tension level can seem overwhelming. I try to have massages and attend yoga classes to ward off the stress, but it would be wonderful to have something with me that I could use anytime throughout the day. Your recording fits the bill. Within a minute or two of the beginning of the CD, I could feel myself relax, and have a moment where I was not mentally racing. If everyone were required to listed to such a recording, the world would be far less dysfunctional than it is! Thank you for developing such a necessary product!

LM Russell,
San Diego, CA

I want to thank you for the development of the excellent Audio Serenity CDs. These were extremely well received by myself shortly after 32 years of deafness in my left ear had been resolved. Your CD "Convergence, Volume 1," which indicated that it would help me stay focused and alert, certainly did that. I was very relaxed as the rain fell in the background. This allowed me to stay very focused in my reading and writing. In addition, your CDs "Ponderings" and "Deep Serenity," provided beautiful background for meditation and contemplation. The waves of the ocean against the shore were just so calming and relaxing, and these were very much appreciated in the 115 degree weather in Palm Springs where I was visiting.

I would highly recommend anyone looking for inner peace and stillness of mind to consider purchasing these CDs.

Thank you once again.

M.E. Ted Quigley M.D.
San Diego, CA


I wanted to write and tell you how much I appreciate your relaxation CDs.

I have always had a real problem in controlling my anxiety and anger. I've been working on this with my counselor for some time but have had a very hard time learning to gain control of my actions when I start to get upset. She (my counselor) gave me a copy of "Deep Serenity" a couple of months ago, and instructed me to do two things. First, to sit down and listen to this on my lunch break, every day. I have to admit that this first thing has made a huge difference in how I feel about myself and everyone around me. It used to be by lunch time that I was wound up inside and feeling overwhelmed. Now I am far more relaxed and I feel centered inside of myself after listening to your CD. Even when I get home, my wife and children really notice that I'm not as easily upsettable. I feel much happier with myself. The second thing my therapist suggested was that when I am at home that I take a fifteen minute or longer "time-out" when I start feeling overwhelmed when dealing with my family and listen to the CD. I can't believe how much that knot in my stomach simply melts as I take deep breaths and focus on the music.

I just wanted to tell you thank you for this great, great product you've made. I never thought that I'd be able to get a handle on this temper of mine (a family curse), and I have. Now that I've been learning how to relax with your CD, I've been able to start taking a few deep breaths and relaxing all on my own. I feel like a new man.

Thank you!
C. Oshlam, OR


I take medication for depression and find that my work can leave me very anxious and frustrated. Normally, I would be exhausted and would try desperately to rest on my lunch hour. Now that I have your Audio Serenity CDs, all I have to do is listen to one of them for about 30 minutes and I am ready to face the rest of the day. I feel so rested and refreshed like I have had a full night of rest. My blood pressure is down and I feel so calm.

The mixture of the sounds of nature makes you feel so relaxed from the top of your head to the soles of your feet.

Thank-you from Okla.
Jean Walls

Dear Shannon,

I have had years of experience using brain state tapes and CDs, and hands down I love Deep Serenity the best. As part of my daily meditation, I use your CD everyday, either upon waking or when I go to bed. So many of the earlier tapes provided binaural technology but the "music" part was not so soothing. When I listen to Quiet Ponderings I am soothed instantly. There also have been times during the day when I have been incredibly stressed and I put on your CD, and within 30 minutes I feel like I've had a night's sleep and am refreshed and calm, ready to go again!!

Taffy Clarke Pelton, MA
Marriage,Family Therapist, Author, Speaker

Dear Shannon,
I thought I would share with you a recent experience I had with one of your CDs. On a recent flight to Mexico, I ended up sitting next to a very high strung woman. After a few minutes of her nasally high pitched voice, I pulled out my portable CD player to listen to Deep Serenity, which I always use when I want to relax and have some time to myself. Shortly after I put on the headphones, I heard her shrill voice above the sounds of the crashing surf asking "What are you listening to?"

She seemed very tense and anxious, so I recommended that she listen to it for twenty minutes with her eyes closed. I instructed her to listen carefully for the hidden tones under the sounds of the surf (not that she could hear them, but I thought that her very active mind might need something to do). In only a very short time, I watched her entire body melt into the uncomfortable airline seat and she fell asleep with her mouth wide open.

The technology on these CDs is profoundly powerful. Not only do I use them to relax and meditate regularly, but I've been able to learn to more deeply relax on my own, in a fraction of the time it used to take me to unwind.

Joel Rico
Real Estate Agent
Sacramento, California


I find your recording of Nocturnal Corssings particularly effective at creating a balanced state in the body because of the high quality of the recording and the realistic sounds. Thank you for taking the time to create it. I look forward to receiving more.

In therapy it is of primary importance to create an environment that makes it easier for a person to experience the here and now...instead of dwelling on the mistakes of the past or fears of the future etc. High frequency vibration, particularly the high frequency vibration of the sounds of nature draws one into the present moment. Additionally, the sounds of nature are naturally healing. This is because they balance the autonomic nervous system. This enhances the immune system, digestion, metabolism, sleep patterns, the endocrine system and all of the other processes controled by the autonomic nervous system. When the body is balanced and calm it is much easier to control the mind instead of being controlled by it.

Loretta M. Siani, Ph.D.
Accelerated Human Performance