My goal here is to provide sensible, practical, and highly effective personal growth solutions to benefit real people with real lives - people like you and me.

Opening our awareness to the present moment illuminates the fact that what we get out of this life is our experience of it. The overall quality of that experience comes down to our very own perceptions - our sense of what is real. When a person expands their awareness of what is real, right now in this present moment, they can experience a profound shift in their compassion and understanding. The more genuinely aware they are, the more at peace they can be with themselves and the world. And, like a pebble sending ripples out through a pond, this can have a positive effect on others.

The products, services and information that are offered here on this site represent some of my own ripples on that pond. They are one facet of my efforts to contribute something worthwhile and of benefit to the world.

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Shannon Duncan

About Shannon

Shannon Duncan is an internationally published author, professional speaker and Certified Mindful Life Coach.

He began his efforts towards spiritual development and self-discovery at a very young age, and started his full time endeavors to help others in their personal and spiritual growth after retiring as an entrepreneur at the age of 29. He has taken many years of research, study and profound personal experiences with psychology, philosophy and spirituality and forged them into the heart of what has become Present Moment Incorporated - a company that is dedicated to providing sensible, practical and highly effective personal and spiritual growth tools.

Shannon's first book, Present Moment Awareness, is an international word-of-mouth phenomenon. This, as well as his workshops and seminars, are garnering praise for their practical, down-to-earth advice for living in the present. You can learn more about PMA products, as well as Shannon's workshops and coaching, elsewhere on this site.

You can usually find Shannon actively engaged in the creative process. In his personal life he is passionate about motorcycles, philosophy, his relationships with friends and family, and especially his daughter, his little Buddha, Madeline.